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Other Classes!

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1Other Classes! Empty Other Classes! on Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:50 pm

I see no one wants to discuss their other schoolwork, so I'll begin here. I'd like to hear about how you're doing in school, how your classes are going, what subjects you like and what you need more help with.

To start--

I'm actually pretty excited about all my classes, even though the workload is quite intense, with multiple essays and hundreds of pages of reading due every week. I'm taking "Politics and Change in China", Advanced Spanish, "From Martin Luther King to Barack Obama" (an African-American political history class), The Craft of Speaking, and "China in the World, 1895-1919".

I especially love my Obama class, because it's a discussion based seminar and we're reading "Dreams From My Father" right now, and I'm finding my Chinese history classes to be quite interesting Wink Spanish however, gets ultra-confusing because I can barely understand the professor half the time!

Enough about me! You?

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